The Briars Stretch

The Briars G&CC: Jackson's Point, Ontario

This Stanley Thompson / Robbie Robinson compilation features tight, tree-lined fairways and subtle, tricky greens. Framed by wind-swept white pines and Lake Simcoe's charm, here is our Briars "Stretch."

Hole 12             Par 4  297 – 390 yards

A great dog-leg left hole with undulating fairway and a narrow opening to the green. The first true driver hole on the back-nine, forces a right to left ball flight to catch one of the few flat spots in the landing area. The up-hill second must be played to the center of the green to avoid the menacing traps guarding the left side. Usually playing with the wind the right club selection is as much a guess as it is skill. Don’t be tempted to go at the back left sucker pin, center green is good.

Hole 13            Par 3  86 – 169 yards

This mid-iron shot to one of the trickiest greens on the course, must be placed in the correct spot to have a chance to score. The numerous ridges and back-to-front slope make 3 putts common place. Above the hole on a front right pin might require you to bring a wedge for the chip back on to the green. Putting it in one of the deep bunkers front and right is a big number waiting to happen.

Hole 14            Par 5   471 – 564 yards

The Silo. This beast is a true three-shoter. A tight corridor of red pines directs your drive to be long and straight to have any chance of a reasonable length 3rd shot. The first dog-leg bends right and requires an exact length shot to provide you an unobstructed approach. The signature silo guards the left side about 150 yards out. It is an integral part of the course so no relief if you are behind it. The enormous green is as hard to read as Shakespeare.


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