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A Visit to Corsair:

Music City's Decadent Distillery Distraction.

Posted by: Rick Parnham


There is no doubt that Nashville's reputation is based on the twangy notes of the country music industry. The Tennessee capital has been building on that identity, establishing itself as a cultural and economic hub of prominence within the south.  With the recent successes of its sports teams placing Nashville in the eyes of North America, The Music City has become more than a place to celebrate country music crooners. On a recent golf trip my eyes were opened to some of the other terrific Nashville must-see experiences.

An emerging food and beverage community has grown with the changing of the state's liquor laws. One of the city's unique taste bud teasing locales is Corsair, an award winning artisan distillery specializing in small batch spirits and high gravity beers. After a failed experimental attempt to build a bio-diesel plant by Corsair founders Darek Bell and Andrew Webber, these childhood friends, decided making whiskey was more to their liking and began to create the hand-crafted processes and "Badass" products that are taking the industry by storm.

The Corsair story began in downtown Bowling Green Kentucky, where the laws were favorable allowing the production of small batch whiskeys and other spirits. This still serves the brand as the production house for its gin, rum, vodka and absinthe lines. As the laws changed in Tennessee, Corsair set up shop in Nashville with its newest Merritt Street location home to its headquarters in the southern reaches of downtown. The barrel house and libation bar, feature the full lineup of Corsair spirits, giving reason to partake in a visit and tour.

Our Corsair visit took us to the historic Marathon Village district location. Located a few blocks from the State Capitol the "Brewstillery," both with its catchy handle and unique offering of signature artisan whiskeys and collection of barrel aged and "high gravity" beers, seemed like a great place to sample some unique beverages. Arriving in the once burgeoning industrial neighborhood, you encounter the lively vibe, with a trendy, contemporary collection of shops, boutiques, a gallery and a museum.  The on-going redevelopment of the warehouses were once the home the Marathon Motor Works. Through the gentrification of the neighborhood the developers have created a unique shopping and entertainment opportunity. Housed in the eastern end of the rugged early 20th century building, the savoury tastes of Corsair offers both a glimpse of a time long ago, and a charming and quaint, rustic taproom experience. 


"The Grain to Glass Tour"

The one hour long tour of the distillery explains their "Grain to Glass" story for the production of whiskey and beer. Oddly, I had no idea the process to produce each begins exactly the same way, through distillation of the mash and production of the base alcohol.  Who knew? After an enlightening and informative Q&A with the guide we made our way to the tasting room for samples of some of their core blends of whiskey; Ryemagedon and Oatrage along with a couple experimental labels, one featuring Quinoa and another heavy on hickory called the Triple Smoke. 

Not knowing what to expect, the journey to Corsair's "Brewstillery" was a fun evening. Soaking up the historic neighborhood and the terrific collection of antique machines was a pleasant surprise. The tour and tasting that followed was one that provided a unique experience and many tantalizing tastes.  



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