Orr Lake Golf Club

Publishers Pick: Number 2: Par 3. 61-119 yards

Posted by Alistair Orr


Since Jason Harris took over at the helm of Orr Lake a few years back he has implemented a continuous improvement plan which has resulted in much better course conditioning and a tweak here and a rebuild there has made this layout much more enjoyable to play. Major surgery to the 10th hole green complex and the hazard area between the 11th and 13th holes has been completely rebuilt to make these holes visually appealing, and I might add more intimidating. However, as solid as holes 10, 11 and 13 have become I am a big fan of the shortest hole on the course –Number 2.


At 61 yards from the front tees and 119 from the back it may well be the shortest par three around but it is far from a pushover. This devilish par 3 challenges the golfer with an approach from an elevated tee across a pond to a very small green complex that slopes steeply from back to front. A bunker behind and a couple of rather large cedars await the balls of those who are a little nervous of the pond give the tee shot a little extra humph.


With the prevailing wind blowing slightly down and across your right shoulder club selection can be a tricky task. Miscalculate the wind and a watery grave short or the cedars over the back will be the result of your faulty math. There is absolutely no margin of error here so the prudent player will ignore the pin placement and aim for the middle of the green and let their putter to the work.


Orr Lake Golf Club

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