#11 at Laora Bay Club

The Nightmare Nine

Holes to Keep You Awake at Night

Posted by Alistair Orr


Every course seems to have that one hole that jumps out and bogeys you every time. If some evil designer were given the assignment of plucking out the toughest par 4’s from the courses of Southern Georgian Bay to create a nightmare back nine, here’s what it would look like:


Hole #10: 453 Yards
#1 at Georgian Bay Club, Clarksburg

This long sweeping downhill dogleg left has bunkers in the driving area to the right, hazard down the length of left side and a tricky undulating green. It’s d efinitely the toughest starting hole in the area.


Hole #11: 453 Yards
#4 at OslerBrook Golf & Country Club, Collingwood

This hole is s imply a beast when the winds are blowing off the escarpment. Only the longest of hitters are able to negotiate the drive over the environmental zone to a landing area protected by bunkers on both sides. Add two clubs for the wind plus one to compensate for the elevated green and the approach shot is no easier than the drive.


Hole #12: 461 Yards
#9 at Mad River Golf Club, Creemore

This hole has spoiled many fine front nine scores at Mad. A long drive is necessary to set up the shortest possible approach shot over a large pond that protects the putting surface.


Hole #13: 433 Yards

#2 at Cranberry Golf Club, Collingwood

This long straight- away hole plays into the prevailing wind. With trees to the right, trees and a waste area left and a creek that crosses in front of the green, it’s no wonder it is rated the #1 handicap hole at Atoka.


Hole #14: 432 Yards
#14 at Monterra Golf, Town of Blue Mountains

Boarded by a thin stand of trees on both sides means a drive in the fairway is a must. The green slopes back to front and is protected by mounds and two bunkers on the left. The approach shot must clear a raven and Silver Creek to reach the putting surface. When the wind is blowing it may be the toughest approach shot of any hole on this list.


Hole #15: 486 Yards
#11 at The Raven at Lora Bay, Thornbury

At 486 yards this is the longest par 4 in the area. A tee shot long down the middle of this tree lined hole that avoids the fairway bunker protecting the right side is a must. The sloping green is protected by bunkers on both sides and another well in front of the green.


Hole #16: 445 Yards
#12 at OslerBrook G&CC, Collingwood

With dense forest on both sides, this sharp dogleg requires a drive no less than 225 and no longer that 265 in a right-to-left cross wind to position the ball at the corner and open up a shot to the green. the approach is then into the teeth of the wind to a slightly elevated green with bunkers protecting the front and left and a hazard to the right.


Hole #17: 448 Yards
#4 at Batteaux Creek Golf Club, Nottawa

A drive long down the right side over the carry bunkers will set up a fairly straight forward approach to a green protected by a lone pot bunker. However, a wayward drive either left or right will find a watery grave and a drive down the left side will leave a tricky approach over a huge bunker that stretches from the driving area to the left side of the green.


Hole #18: 465 Yards
#18 at The Ferns Golf & Country Club, Markdale

Having successfully negotiated the previous eight holes of the nightmare nine, take a deep breath because two very demanding shots remain before you can head to the clubhouse and lick your wounds. A long straight drive down middle of this tree lined fairway is required, followed by a long straight approach through a narrow opening to an elevated green. Trees pinch in short on the left side and a pond left of the green makes a left pin position a sucker pin indeed.



























Hole 1

#1 at Geargian Bay Club


#4 at OslerBrook


Hole 12

#9 at Mad River


Hole 1

#18 at the Ferns